Gay Friendly

Tel Aviv declared world's best gay travel destination. This city has always been known as a gay-friendly, but it upped
its presence around the world this year with a number of different activities, including its Tel Aviv Gay Vibe campaign, organized in coordination with the municipality's Ministry of Tourism.

27 Montefiore hotel tel aviv treats all our guests  with the equal respect and surely gay community.
The hotel is situated very close to the most popular gay bars and clubs and just in 10 minutes walk from the sea side.
Each year at the beginning of June numerous activities of the gay community take place in Tel Aviv and among them
on the first place is the Big Pride parade.

The city turns out to be a beautiful mixture of colors. Tourists from all over the world come to Tel Aviv to participate in these events, so be sure to book a room in advance in this hot period and enjoy a special price!

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