27 Montefiore Hotel tel aviv is distinguished for its extremely advantageous location, no matter what is your destination point in the city.

Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv Offers you the most luxurious vacation

Quiet and intimate inside, the hotel is located at the very heart of the Tel-Aviv White city;
the financial and business center during the day time and the center of entertainments at night.

You would have a chance to look from inside to the White City that reflects some of the most significant trends of Modern Movement in architecture. The buildings are designed by architects who were trained in Europe and after immigration created an outstanding architectural ensemble of the Modern Movement in a new cultural context.

The hotel is situated on the crossing of the most picturesque streets of Tel-Aviv: Rothschild Boulevard, famous for its countless bars and café and Allenby, peculiar street where you can find everything from local fast food to antique shops and famous Carmel market.

If you would like to make a tour to the best gourmet and chef restaurants of Tel Aviv, you would definitely make a right choice by choosing 27 Montefiore hotel tel aviv. The number of restaurants in the quarter is simply unbelievable! In the neighboring streets you would find almost all kinds of existing cuisines.


Live the city

The hotel is  located on the crossing of the most picturesque streets of Tel-Aviv


Best cultural attractions and shopping centers are within walking distance

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